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Bedouin Tent Accommodation Services and Prices

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Bedouin Tent Rooms

Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp provides bedouin tent rooms near Petra. For sleeping we have 44 tent rooms: 36 twin share; 4 doubles and 4 family rooms.  Each family room sleeps 3-4 people. All rooms have comfortable bedding including clean sheets and blankets. The rooms have lights between 7pm - 11pm each evening. For light after 11pm, candles are provided.

As well as individual private bedrooms there are three large communal traditional beit shar tents where you can sit and soak up the atmosphere. In winter, these are heated by fires so it's really warm even if there is a cold wind outside.  We also have a palm roof alcove which is a great area during the day for sitting and sleeping and a traditional circle with mattresses for sitting out at night under the stars.

Traditional Food, Beverages and Argilla

Our kitchen produces fabulous meals.  Only traditional food is  prepared in the camp e.g. Mansif, Maglouba and Kabsa are cooked in the kitchen and Zarbe, Mende and BBQ in the open fire.  Fresh produce is always used, bought daily in the local markets.  All meals include plenty of vegetables and fresh salads. Even breakfast is a feast e.g. hummous, fresh olive oil, za'arta, fresh local bread, tomatoes and sweet cucumbers, yoghurt, eggs and cheese.

Tea and Nescafe is served with every meal and soft drinks, mineral water and Turkish coffee can be purchased from the camp. Argilla is also available with a range of tobacco flavours.

Toilets and Showers

The camp has separate toilets and showers for men and women and these are maintained to a high standard. Hot water for showers is available between 7pm - 11pm at night.

Charging phones, cameras etc.

Electricity is provided by generator between 7pm - 11pm each night.  During this time, cameras and phones etc. can be charged.


We are just 15 mins away from Petra (Wadi Musa) and we can pick you up and drop you back into town if you don't have your own vehicle.

Prices - all prices are per person and in Jordanian Dinars

Bed only p/p                                     15JD
Bed and Breakfast p/p                      
Bed, Breakfast and Dinner p/p
Bed, Breakfast, lunch and dinner p/p 

Accommodation for children 11yrs and under is half price

Traditional Food
Dinner only p/p 15JD
Lunch only p/p  1

Nescafe and tea are included with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  All meals are a set menu and dinner includes chicken or lamb or fish and a variety of vegetables and salads plus yoghurt. We provide buffets for large groups.  If you are a vegetarian or have special dietary needs, please let us know.

Beverages and Argilla
Turkish Coffee, tea, Nescafe 1JD
soft drinks, fruit juice           1JD

Small mineral water              1JD
Large mineral water              

Wadi Musa - Camp 
Camp - Wadi Musa 

N.B. The price is for the vehicle and not per person i.e. the price for 1-4 people is 5JD per trip

lights on the rocks

We offer you a unique accommodation experience: comfortable individual tent rooms;large communal beit shar tents; traditional food; a beautiful landscape and a magical atmosphere. Come and enjoy it with us.

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